I enjoyed everything… I like how the energy was when I walked into the room and the vibes was great I loved the amount of skills I was able to gain today from communication to asking questions about jobs I didn’t know about I enjoyed the ability to work with new people and share ideas… Continue reading MMF


I enjoyed the effort put in by the facilitators to make it enjoyable and engaging to young people from the food, to jokes, to words of encouragement. I enjoyed working together as a team Post Views: 0

Young Womens Trust 

This might seem incredibly dramatic and excessive, but this webinar changed my life – or at least my outlook on it. It made me feel able to acknowledge and vocalise things I have been through and survived and stayed strong through. Post Views: 0


I enjoyed everything! The staff, the food, the building, people, interacting with amazing people. I feel like I got so much confidence… Post Views: 0

ORE Catapult

Workshop seems to be designed to encourage you to think about your own career progression and how to influence your manager/team which is useful… looking forward to trying to apply some of the learnings I think I have a good understanding about how others perceive me which I haven’t reflected on before. Its generated some… Continue reading ORE Catapult