Young People

We just finished the Shaftesbury Property Programme working with 15 young people who’ve done fantastic presentations and I can’t say thank you enough to the team at 2-3 Degrees. It’s been phenomenal working with them. They brought energy. They brought some amazing young people to the office that we’ve had the opportunity to work with over the last… Continue reading Young People

Personal Development

2-3 Degrees really understands how to put on a successful programs. They are very good at facilitating and supporting us. They got the contacts with the local young people within Victoria and Westminster, and lots of the enthusiasm you need to put our relatively corporate ideas into something which is more interactive and fun for… Continue reading Personal Development

Youth Voice

“I would recommend 2-3 Degrees to any organisation! Oftentimes CSR teams in organisations are small and do not have the expertise to deliver or design these types of personal development workshops to this standard. Working with 2-3 Degrees allows us to provide really high-quality workshops to the young people on our programs. ” Post Views:… Continue reading Youth Voice