Telephone Assessor

Telephone Assessors are part of a busy team at Citizens Advice Westminster, answering
calls from residents across the City Council and providing them with information and
assessment. The assessors are offered full training and support, in order to:

  • Ensure client’s needs are accurately and quickly assessed within Citizens Advice
    guidelines and standards
  • Provide information to assist clients and refer assessed clients to relevant services,
    both internal and external, as appropriate
  • Arrange follow up appointments with specialist advisers as needed.

1. Gateway Assessing
1.1 Assess client’s problem(s) using sensitive listening and questioning skills
1.2 Identify key information about the problem including time limits, key dates and
any requirement for urgent advice or action
1.3 Identify and summarise the essence of the problem.
1.4 Establish what the client wants.
1.5 Assess and agree the appropriate next step, taking into consideration the client’s
ability to take action themselves, the complexity of the problem and the
organisation’s resources
1.6 Refer clients appropriately (both internally and externally) to meet client’s needs
1.7 Record the interview accurately and in a timely manner
1.8 Ensure that all work conforms to the organisation’s systems and procedures
1.9 Supporting volunteer gateway assessors and other new members of the team
during sessions
2. Policy and Campaigns
2.1 Assist with social policy and campaigns work by providing information about
clients’ circumstances in relation to social policy issues
2.2 Ensure that all work conforms to the organisation’s systems and procedures.
3. Administration

Gateway Assessor – JD & PS (SEPT 19) Page 2 of 5
3.1 Maintain clear and detailed case records using Casebook, or other suitable
computer-based package, for the purpose of continuity of casework, information
retrieval, statistical monitoring and report preparation

3.2 Use IT for statistical recording of information relating to social policy and funding
requirements, record keeping and document production.
3.3 Provide statistical information as requested for reporting purposes as necessary
3.4 Ensure that all work conforms to the organisation’s systems and procedures.
4. Confidentiality and Data Handling
4.1 Ensure information assurance training is undertaken on an annual basis and that
all sensitive data is adequately protected and handled in accordance with the
organisation’s confidentiality systems and procedures; and in line with data
protection regulations.

5. Information Communication Technology
5.1 Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office suite of packages, particularly Word,
Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel

6. Working with Others
6.1 Develop and maintain good working relationships with the team, sharing
information and making a positive contribution
6.2 Develop and maintain good working relationships with other statutory and
voluntary service providers and other external stakeholders, relevant to the
project beneficiary group.
7. Public Relations and Liaison
7.1 Promote the work of Citizens Advice Westminster both locally and nationally; as
7.2 Represent the organisation and attend relevant internal and external meetings;
as required by the line manager.
8. Professional Development
8.1 Keep informed of new and changing legislation relevant to the post, and of local
issues and policies
8.2 Read the regular Citizens Advice circulars and information items on the Citizens
Advice website
8.3 Attend regular training to develop knowledge, skills and expertise
8.4 Use computers in areas relevant to the post. The postholder must be willing to
undergo training in the use and application of information technology as needed
to carry out relevant tasks to this post
8.5 Be able to identify own training needs through feedback and self-assessment,
and discuss same with line manager, taking responsibility for own development
8.6 Attend and contribute to support and supervision and appraisal meetings with
the line manager, to further own development.
9. Policies of the Citizens Advice service
9.1 Understand, and be committed to, the aims, principles and policies of the
Citizens Advice service and Citizens Advice Westminster

Gateway Assessor – JD & PS (SEPT 19) Page 3 of 5
9.2 Have due regard for the aims, principles and polices of the Citizens Advice
service; positively promote the same, protecting the integrity and reputation of
the service in the planning and execution of your duties.

10. Other Responsibilities
10.1 Willingness to work in a way that contributes to a positive working environment
for all staff and volunteers
10.2 Willingness to take a flexible and adaptable approach to service delivery,
including working outside of normal office hours on occasion, with prior
notification. The staff TOIL policy will apply
10.3 Willingness to work at any premises of Citizens Advice Westminster or outreach
venue as required; ensuring effective service delivery is provided to clients
10.4 Willingness to abide by the Health and Safety guidelines of the organisation,
having due regard for your own health and safety, and the health and safety of
10.5 Willingness to carry out any other related tasks, as required by your line
manager, which are compatible with the functions of the post.


Please send CVs to @Wilk, Ilona: WCC