Our Services Summary

Our Services

We work with young people across education, community and sports organisations to inspire and equip young people with the power to make positive decisions through interactive talks and workshops. Using activity-based learning we help young people build practical tools and skills for their personal development.

Benefits of partnering with us

  • Get access to a network of young people empowered, inspired and trained up ready to add value to your organisation
  • Contribute to the development of underserved young people from the forgotten middle which will support your D&I, CSR & HR talent pipeline objectives
  • Personal development opportunity for your staff – volunteers, speakers & panellists report having transformative experiences with young people at our workshops
  • Increased employee engagement and staff retention
  • Establish a profile of corporate responsibility in your local community
  • Help develop work readiness among young people
  • Enhance your brand awareness among young people aged 14-25, their families and educators
  • Partner with an award winning social enterprise

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Partnering with 2-3 Degrees will bring lasting benefits to your company. Whether you’re looking to motivate staff and encourage team building, meet corporate social responsibility objectives, secure positive PR or reach new audiences, we’ll work with you to ensure your partnership with us achieves shared value and impact.